Student credit cards with no credit

It is hard to obtain a student credit card with no credit or financial history. However, a student can be eligible for certain types of credit cards which do not require you to have a credit score. A student credit card is designed for a student who is in college or university and does not posses a credit history or a large income. When selecting for such cards, look out for the kind of fees charged and the rate of interest. This article looks at six different types of student credit cards.Student credit cards with no credit
The selected student credit cards are ideal for students because they have the lowest APRs and no annual fees. Some of the cards offer spending rewards for students with easy and generous to understand programs.

Types of student credit card with no credit

The first card is the cash back card from wells Fargo. This is an excellent card for students because of the program on rewards it extends to college students. The card offers one percent full cash back on spending. The rewards earned can be deposited in your bank account, sent to you from the company by check or credited to the statement of your card. It is easy to redeem the rewards once you attain a minimum balance of twenty five dollars. You can redeem your rewards either through online or by phone. Read more here.
Wells Fargo maintains a fairly reasonable interest rates particularly if you have a good credit rating. For instance, if you maintain a rating of 7.9 percent to 13.9 percent for six months from the time you acquired the card and thereafter, you maintain a percentage rating of 13.15 percent to 20.15 percent, your card will attract no yearly fee and the transfer fee will be only three percent of the balance you have in the card.
The second type of student credit card with no credit is the Capital One credit card with student rewards. This type of card has no yearly fee and it has a very competitive APR rate of 19.8 percent. The rewards package for this card is generous and simple: 0.25 percent bonus if you pay the bill amount on time. Further, you will receive a rebate on the cash back of 1.25 percent.
To redeem your cash back rewards, you must have a minimum balance of twenty five dollars which are payable either by deposit to credit statement or by check. Also, the company has gift redemption for rewards starting at twenty dollars on gift cards. The company maintains no limit on the amount of rewards you can earn and they don’t expire.
The third type of student credit card with no credit is the Discover credit card for students. The card has one percent cash back reward program on purchases made using the card. What is more, you can earn five percent cash back rewards for purchases made on selected categories of items that change every quarter. This program requires you to sign up for it before you start earning the rewards. The company has two options for redeeming the rewards: the first option is through cash and the second option is through gift cards. You only select one option. The card has no yearly fee and the APR is comparatively low, particularly if you qualify for the rate of 12.99 percent which is considered by the company to be the best.
The fourth type of student credit card with no credit is the Visa Credit Card from U.S Bank College. This is a no frills, simple and nice card appropriate and appealing for young people and college students. This type of card discourages college students from spending to earn rewards and instead concentrate on paying their bills on time in full. After focusing on the paying the bills in full and on time habits, the card then encourages you to focus and concentrate on how you can earn the rewards. The card maintains no yearly fee and a comparatively low APR of 11.99 percent if you qualify. The card maintains the transfer fee of three percent of the balance.
The fifth type of student credit card with no credit is platinum Visa Card plus for student from Bank of America. This type of card has no rewards but aims at building the credit history for a student. This is a good card for students because it can enable students who adhere to the standards and procedures of operation to qualify for a mortgage or loan. Students are encouraged to do well on this type of card. There is no yearly fee and it reasonably priced.
The final type of student credit card with no credit is Visa card from Citi Dividend platinum for college students. The card provides a 5% cash back rewards for purchases at gas stations, supermarkets and other convenient utilities and stores. The card has no APR for the first six months on purchases and after that 11.99% to 20.99 % and no annual fee.